When Arts Meet Coffee at Thapae Gate

When it come to Chiangmai, Thapae Gate is one of the most popular place that traveller would heard of. Gateway Coffee Roster is also located in the heart of Thapae Gate where people can enjoy drinking coffee during endure them self by watching arts.

Well, I’m pretty sure that you guys are not local people here, so it might be hard to found this cafe because it’s quite not stand out and in the tiny alley. Make sure you strictly follow Google map.

Issue Art Space

Walking up the stair then you will find Issue Art Space on your left, next to the cafe entry. If you saw a little red box above your head, you’re in the right place. In this 17.25 square meters room is full of arts mostly created by local artists in Chiangmai, you can buy them as well. Checks their Facebook to find out more information about the next exhibition.

“When being an artist is not private anymore. On creating works, artists may need solitary time or privacy to concentrate on their works. When time passes by, canvas stands or drawing table are not necessarily supposed to be in a private room or a studio. However, some artists are used to the old context and concept of privacy.”

– A piece of paper in the exhibition

The Cafe: Gateway Coffee Roster

Signature Cold Brew


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